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“Miriam and I are friends and have worked together for 4 years in case management so we both are familiar with the difficult task of finding resources for our beneficiaries. Familiar, that is, until I desperately needed care for my ailing 91 year old mother.

Miriam called me every day and sometimes more often than that to provide me with comforting, common sense solutions to locate  adequate placement for my mother. Miriam provided emotional and spiritual support, as well.

Miriam’s vision, common sense approaches and always positive attitude are both inspirational and uplifting. Her wit made me laugh when I was at low ebb.”

Karen Lee Davis, RN CCM
RN Case Manager  Southwest Operations, Phoenix


“I have used Peak Performance Plus for weight loss, and a sleep disorder. The results were extremely satisfying. I will continue to use, and refer my friends and family. Dr. Sterk was particularly helpful using Hypnosis to help me take off  the weight.

The Sterk’s were additionally very helpful and resourceful in assessing my elderly mother-in-law for an appropriate placement and living arrangement. Their Older Adult Global Assessment Profile and Care Plan was very accurate in identifying her specific needs for care, support and placement.”

 Murray I. Malin
Professional Driving Service LLC